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How EasyPULL Tile Spacers work

"The Tile Spacer with a Pull tab"      "It's About Time."

It really is as simple as that. Instead of using a tile spacer remover tool to attempt to pry out those old-fashioned tile spacers, EasyPULL Tile Spacers come complete with their own patented pull-tab, allowing for fast and easy removal of the spacers! The handle is slanted so that you can use a level. No more chipped tile because of those spacer remover tools. Remove spacers in a small fraction of the time than you did before. Being in business since 2002, EasyPULL Tile Spacers have been widely accepted by professional tile-setters worldwide. We guarantee that the EasyPULL Tile Spacer will save both time and money!
You can contact us at:
(714) 475-5537
7931 Professional Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

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